Location and nature

Madonna di Campiglio: relaxing and magical, fun and active

Our hotel Bonapace is located a few steps from Madonna di Campiglio center, while the plants you can walk in a short time. Our family hotel is ideal to reach trails and paths during the summer but also in winter be able to quickly reach the lifts of Monte Spinale, which are located just 250 mt. Due to our location, able to reach:

  • the facility Spinale just 6-7 minutes walk
  • the gondola 5 Lakes just 10 minutes
  • the gondola Pradalago 15 minutes
  • the Miramonti chairlift 15 minutes

A holiday in Trentino alto Adige to make my head spin!

Madonna di Campiglio is a charming woman with the gift of seduction. A seduction quite natural: witness the high ridges of the mountains that surround it, the lakes and grasslands that soften the landscape, streams and brooks as tears of joy streaming down his face, the coniferous forests that refreshes the body. A woman with her years, as dates back to 1100, when a monk named Raymond decided to settle here to create a monastery in aid of passersby.

Madonna di Campiglio is so quiet, magical, romantic, but also gleefully vital to charm all its guests: its nightlife and the many local sports that can be practiced during the day are proof of this; first of all of course skiing with 150 km of tracks on which indulge themselves; and then in the summer hiking, biking, rafting, downhill, canyoning, fishing, mountain climbing, golf, tennis, and Nordic walking. Also with the new season you can experience the thrill of Zorbing: it is an extreme sport (but not dangerous and suitable for all) was born at the end of the nineties in New Zealand. It is to roll from a slope on a hill within a futuristic transparent sphere 2.5 meters in diameter; in groups or with your partner you can really make an experience to make my head spin.

Finally, for lovers of strong emotions it is the ability to hover in the air and become seagulls thanks to paragliding. Always puts a bit 'of awe confront the emptiness and heights, but once started, you will feel at home, as if the air had always been your element.

Landscapes and expanses will be opened to the sight and fly will seem like an activity that always has accompanied throughout life.

You will therefore understand that Madonna di Campiglio is a chic feel and lively lady; in 1894 even Princess Sissi visited the resort with her husband Franz Joseph.

Even today, in August we remember those events with a demonstration in period costume called Campiglio Hapsburg. We advise you to make the acquaintance of this lady mountain and discover little by little his spirited nature and relaxing.

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