The Bonapace family

The Bonapace family... between history, traditions and culture

Our family

It all started many many years ago when our tris-tris-tris-tris-grandfather back in 2130 BC he decided to use as an accommodation to primitive cave to passersby. Guests could comfortably park their dinosaur outside the caverno-inn, and spend the night on a comfortable stone double.

Upon awakening the customers they were greeted by a tasty steak Sterodattilus montanus and so they could start again in full force to resume normal hunting mammoth or playing smashes his club.

Years passed, and generation followed generation. Not to mention how our grandfather tris-tris Amilcare Bonapace who one day decided to build the famous Guglielmotel.

It was a hotel that only provided the room breakfast service. People usually stopped for a short time. On arrival all clients were honored with a juicy apple.

The ages accavallarono and the hotelier profession was passed on from father to son. Another family of note was our Desdemona Bonapace who had the audacity to radically change the name to the hotel and simply call him-Lo Hotel. The first hotel in Madonna di Campiglio for couples.

But then when a certain Jago Verdi entered the shareholding structure, they were the first misunderstandings with customers and then Desdemona decided to liquidate the socio hotel to continue the adventure alone.

This leads to the present day, but we will not be here to tell the events now taking place in our family. To you the burden and honor to come and see for yourself how this family has evolved over time.

Come and visit us!

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