tradizioni cultura gastronomia e cucina trentina val rendena

The magic of cultural diversity in Val Rendena

The Trentino flavor for the culture is very particular, especially here in Madonna di Campiglio: here fresh alpine atmosphere and sweet flavors of Mediterranean life combine to blend into a fantastic mix of experiences and impressions, a fun mix of culture and nature.

In front of the magnificent setting of the Brenta Dolomites, declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, you will find a multitude of unbeatable treasures. In addition, the tradition of val Rendena is obviously found in the culinary sector, where the poorest origins, genuine ingredients, authentic tastes and delicious scents are concerned: maize and flour for polenta, fruits and vegetables The garden, the spontaneous herbs and the flowers of the Alpine arc.

Recipes and flavors are still handed down from generation to generation to revive the beauty of Mediterranean life with that nostalgic scent of history and culture.

But do not forget the taste of grappa based on wild fruits and high altitude flowers growing spontaneously between our pastures ...