Adamello Brenta Park

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Adamello Brenta Park

Beauty and sensations in the Natural Park Adamello Brenta

The sound of a boot that is laying on the ground ... toc toc toc toc; the wind that brings the air fragrances and perfumes; a deer watching you from a distance and then runs away; a snail enjoys the pranzetto on the chapel of a porcini; crock of water escaping from the waterfall you moistens his face: these are just two of many possible experiences when passing to the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

'Definitely a fortune to wander wide-senses in a place that enchants and make themselves available to perceive harmony, beauty and variety. Because the sound of the stream is not always the same; and smells change with the seasons, or depending on the weather conditions; even what may seem like a simple tree it is able to open gates subtle joy in our chaotic lives.

And if a little advice we can give is to not interpret the thousand stimuli to which you will be subjected, not to give them a name, a label, or a logical or scientific interpretation; give up even the usual "I love it, I do not like, how nice, that bad"; but simply abandon yourselves to the perception and "feel" a sense at a time that surrounds you.

Nature of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park will do the rest, touching chords that go deep and giving you delicate and refreshing experiences. Good meeting !!

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