Dolomeet Card

Dolomeet Card and Guest Card: an active holiday with promotions in Madonna di Campiglio


With the Dolomeet Card you can enjoy free of charge or with discounts on so many services on the territory.


With the Guest Card (free) enter the museums and use public transport throughout Trentino for free!


Useful information on DoloMeetCard:


– is valid from 17 June to 17 September ;


– has a duration of 3/6/7/8/9 consecutive days;


– can be issued to the host upon presentation of the valid Guest Card issued by the accommodation;


– is free for children 0-12 years old (born after 1.10.2005) accompanied by a paying adult;


– it is 50% discounted for children 0-12 years old (born after 1.10.2005) NOT accompanied;


– it is 30% discounted for children aged 12 to 16 (born after 1.10.2001);


– includes activities and services of the Rendena Valley for further information:,25/dolomeetcard_e_guest_card,784.html


Useful information on the Guest Card:


– it is always free for the guest of the hotel;


– it has a duration of 1 to 20 days;


– is a group card;


– allows the discounted purchase of DoloMeetCard


– includes free admission to provincial museums and the free use of public transport in Trentino Trasporti.


For further information:,25/dolomeetcard_e_guest_card,784.html




The guest, submitting to the ApT boxes the Guest Card issued by the accommodation, can buy the


DoloMeetCard with a reduction of about 40% compared to the price list. Payment of DoloMeetCard


It will happen directly to ApT by the customer himself. Let’s look at the final discount prices below:




Card 3 days € 36.00 cad.

Card 6 days € 55.00 cad.

Card 7 days € 64.00 cad.

Card 8 days € 73,00 cad.

Card 9 days € 80.00 cad.



Card 3 days € 32.00 cad.

Card 6 days € 50.00 cad.

Card 7 days € 58,00 cad.

Card 8 days € 66.00 cad.

Card 9 days € 72.00 cad.