Estate di sport

For those wishing to try their hand with himself to discover their limits and cross them, or simply for those who love sport and if you want to enjoy as a spectator, next summer 2018 Madonna di Campiglio will offer a series of events that would be a shame not to participate.

From the stage of the Tour of Italy which will take place May 24: The race includes 165 km route with well 3900 meters in altitude. The samples will arrive in town Patascoss, one of the most scenic areas of Madonna di Campiglio which has a beautiful view of the Brenta Dolomites. All-day events are planned with music and entertainment in the country that is very close to the arrival of the Tour.

On 13-14 June, then it will be proven 24h Val Rendena. This competition is open to all those who mountain bike will want to experience the thrill of racing for 24 hours in a row, either alone or in groups, to measure their stamina and alertness.

The real men of steel and the strong will make up the Red Bull X-Alps, one of the hardest races in the world. Here the athletes must travel unusual distances (up to 100 km or more per day) on foot or by paraglider to an altitude of over 1000 meters. The only Italian stage will be that Madonna di Campiglio with its Cima Tosa, one of the famous peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, will allow tourists and curious to raise the nose to the sky and see these men-bird circling in the air.

For some years now a number of shout teams have attended our valley to animate it with football matches and training sessions. This year is the turn of Roma in pre-season retreat will offer its fans a calendar of events in the week from Monday 06 to Saturday, July 11. The streets of Pinzolo will be filled with enthusiasm and exuberance to best accommodate the samples of the capital.

And for dance lovers here is a now canonical appointment not to be missed: The Dolomites Dance Seminar. Artists and internationally renowned masters will lend themselves to communicate their knowledge to aspiring dancers and those who dance has already fed their bones. The seminar includes the Classic courses, Repertory, Modern-Contemporary (choreography workshop), Modern-Jazz and Contemporary, structured in various levels. Pinzolo awaits you from 19 July to 02 August for this exciting initiative.

Triathlon is said: If it does not kill you makes you stronger. To all those who want to strengthen themselves, or observing other people while you fortify, Madonna di Campiglio offers the opportunity to participate in this multi-faceted event. On 25-26 July, the eyes and the heart will be on the complete channel that will unfold between 750 m water ride, 20 km cycling and 5 km race. Athletes will be able to measure your workout in an environment where the landscape will alleviate at least psychologically the hardships that you will face.

We expect many to attend or participate in events for the next rousing sports summer.