I massaggi e trattamenti hotel Bonapace Madonna di Campiglio

Total wellness and relaxation ... in Campiglio - Dolomites of Brenta

Discover our wellness and wellness center in Campiglio

Our philosophy has always been based on two key principles: authenticity and well-being, physical and mental. Innovation and modernity, within our wellness and wellness center, opens up a true sense of oasis.

Even a romantic weekend will help you regenerate yourself and forget about the stress that every day of our day. In the heart of the Dolomites of Brenta, Hotel Bonapace in Madonna di Campiglio offers massages and holistic treatments.

Holistic massage is the union of various types of massages that take into consideration man in its entirety, at the moment when the manifestation of discomfort takes place. There are thus many approaches and techniques used depending on the needs of the individual.

The massage becomes the access key: loosening the tension improves the state of well-being both physically and psychically.

The massage techniques used are many:


  • Basic massage techniques (touch, clutch, kneading, percussion, vibration)
  • Deep and connectivity massage
  • Bioenergetic massage and micromassage
  • at-traditional

Each of these techniques acts differently, but with the same purpose: to bring the balance back. This type of massage therefore combines all the benefits of the different massage techniques; From this comes its name: OLOS, from Greek means unitary, global.

It is also called holistic because it treats the body in every respect and evaluates every single need by involving the massage of all body structures, from the inside inside, from the physical to the energetic.

Massages and treatments at the Bonapace Hotel are only available during the winter season.

Our zoning massages (30 minutes)




CURATIVE cervical


Our full relax and wellness massages (60 minutes)

TRANQUILLITY RELAX: relaxed facial ritual massage with vitreous-nutrient oil

TONING MASSAGE: total anti-stress massage and decontracting

MUDGING DEPTH HANDS: total anti-stress massage and decontracting