Hapsburg Carnival 2018 in Madonna di Campiglio


Madonna di Campiglio in celebration


February 2018: Hapsburg Carnival


If in February you will see a carriage on the horizon with some ladies and knights dressed up in the past, you are not in a hallucination and you have not even exceeded the table wine.


Simply because of the tradition of Madonna di Campiglio, the famous Habsburg Carnival begins.


Even this year the celebrations in honor of Princess Sissi, a guest of the resort at the end of the eighteenth century, will take part in the week from 08 to 13 February.


You can admire sumptuous ladies in elegant crinoline swinging on the ski slopes, or watch the classic torchlight of the Hapsburg court. Also in the country will be dancing at the sound of the Radetzki march or on the notes of the beautiful Blue Danube.


We therefore expect you to take part in this particular Carnival: in fact, you can rent a vintage costume for one night and become a Habsburg-based lady for the space of one night.


Good Carnival!