Activities in rendena valley for family


If your little ones are adventurous, they will be able to explore the Adventure Park of the nearby Geneva Valley, which with Tibetan bridges and pulleys will immerse you in a fantasy world in the midst of Nature. And if you want to spend an afternoon with your kids – we highly recommend you – why not visit the Breg Adventure Park in Breguzzo Valley. It is about forty miles from Madonna di Campiglio and is the largest adventure park in Trentino Alto Adige!

With over 100 activities divided into 9 routes it can be an original way of spending time in contact with nature. Routes are for all levels for which you can attend a 3 year old baby like adults. You will be suspended in the air with gangways where tree branches are interwoven or “you will” from tree to tree through stunning cable cars, or rope bridges.

There is even a suspended path to be performed with the sled. All in total safety: a special security system is adopted that allows you to stay attached to the jib always, without the possibility of falling.

Finally, other activities are organized for the whole family starting with some excursions with the Madonna di Campiglio’s alpine guides, tennis, golf, ice skating, horseback riding, rafting for families and mountain biking (for some of these activities you have to travel a few Km From the country).

We look forward to the next fun summer to spend with your family at Bonapace Hotel in Madonna di Campiglio!