10 reasons to choose us


  • you will be welcomed into a familiar and friendly atmosphere, just like being in a big family
  • you will always find cordiality and fun, happiness and laughter, company in the evenings
  • you can relax comfortably and enjoy a well earned rest in our Spa and Wellness centre
  • harmony and rest await you in our cozy rooms
  • you will enjoy a unique panorama of the peaks of the Val Rendena and Brenta Dolomites
  • you will savour the authentic tastes of Trentino cooking in a mix of alpine mediterranean flavours
  • you children will be pampered, just as you will be
  • we organize parties, dinners and thematic evenings so that you can get to know our traditions and local recipes
  • there is a welcoming ambience with modern and comfortable designs with a little chic added, so helping you to feel at ease
  • during the week we organize various tastings of local farm produce, with educational visits, tastings and the possibility to buy.


  • You will feel at home straightaway and be welcomed into a big family environment.
  • Cordiality, fun, enjoyment, laughter and plenty of company will never be missing.
  • You will be able to relax and enjoy some well-earned rest in our Wellness centre.
  • You will find harmony and rest in all our welcoming bedrooms.
  • You will enjoy a wonderful panorama of the Val Rendena peaks and of the Brenta Dolomites.
  • You will be able to taste authentic Trentino culinary dishes with alpine-Mediterranean flavours.
  • Your children will be accepted with the same warmth as you will be.
  • We organise parties, dinners and themed evening so that you can get to know our traditions and our typical local recipes.
  • Our environment is designed to be both modern and comfortable with just enough Chic for you to feel fully at home.
  • During the week we organise tastings in local farms, where you will learn about their work and produce, taste their products and can eventually buy them.