Our Bonapace hotel is located a short walk from the center of Madonna di Campiglio, while the facilities can be reached on foot in a short time. Our family-run hotel is ideal for both hiking trails and summer trails, but in winter you can reach the mountaintops of Monte Spinale, which are only 250 meters away.

Thanks to our location, you can reach:

  • The Spinale plant is only a 6-7 minute walk away
  • The 5 lakeside cable car just 10 minutes away
  • The Pradalago Gondola at 15 minutes
  • The Miramonti chairlift is 15 minutes away


Madonna di Campiglio is a charming woman with the gift of seduction. A seduction of all natural nature: it is witnessed by the high ridges of the surrounding mountains, lakes and grasslands that soften the landscape, the streams and the streams that, as tears of joy, spin their faces, the forests of aghifiji refreshing their body. A woman with her age, since she dates back to 1100, when a friar named Raimondo decided to settle for a monastery to help the passers-by.

Madonna di Campiglio is so quiet, magical, romantic, but also cheerfully vital to enchanting all its guests; its nightclubs and the numerous sports that can be practiced during the day are a test; First of all, of course, skiing with 150 km of slopes on which to brag; And then in summer hiking, mountain biking, rafting, downhill, canyoning, fishing, mountaineering, golf, tennis and nordic walking. Also with the new season you will experience the excitement of Zorbing: this is an extreme sport (but not dangerous and suitable for everyone) born in the late nineties in New Zealand. It is rolled from a hillside slope within a futuristic transparent sphere of 2.5 meters diameter; In group or with your partner, you can really experience a head start.

Finally, for those who love strong emotions, it is possible to hover in the air and become seagulls thanks to paragliding. Always put a bit of humor to confront the void and heights, but once you leave, you will feel at home: as if air had always been your natural element.

Landscapes and stretches will open you to the sight and fly there will seem like an activity that has always accompanied you throughout your life.

You will have realized that Madonna di Campiglio is an elegant and lively lady; In 1894 even Princess Sissi visited the resort together with her husband Francesco Giuseppe.

Even today, in August, these events are reminiscent of a manifestation in vintage costume called Campiglio Habitat. We advise you to get acquainted with this mountain gentleman and to discover little by little its bryant and relaxing nature.