Everything began many, many years ago in 2130 BC when our great-great-great-Grandfather decided to use a cavern to accommodate primitive passers-by. Guests could comfortably park their dinosaur outside the cave-inn, and spend the night on a comfortable double stone.
When they woke up, customers breakfasted on a tasty steak of Sterodattilus montanus so that they could resume their daily mammoth hunting or club breaking games with full strength.
The years passed and generation followed generation. How could we not to mention our great-great-Grandfather Amilcare Bonapace, who one day decided to build the famous Gugliel Motel.
This was a hotel that provided only bed and breakfast, where people usually stopped for a very short time. Upon arrival all customers were given a complimentary apple.
The eras passed and the art of innkeeping was passed down from father to son.

Another family member worthy of note was Desdemona Bonapace, who had the courage to radically change the name of the hotel and simply call it Hotel-Lo. This was the first hotel for couples in Madonna di Campiglio.

Then, when a certain Jago Verdi joined the company, there were first disagreements with customers and Desdemona decided to liquidate him in order to continue her hotel adventure alone. And so we come to the present day, but we will not tell what is now happening in our family. We leave it up to you to come to see personally how this family has evolved over the years.

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