Tyrolean canederles with speck

Ingredients for 4 persons:

6 rolls

1¼ litres milk (scarce)

2 eggs

100g Speck – cubed

150g smoked ham – cubed

30g butter

½ onion lightly fried

parsley – chopped

chives – chopped

2½-3 tablespoons flour

Meat broth or water


Cut the rolls into cubes. Mix them with the milk and eggs, cover and leave to rest for 30 minutes.

In a pan gently fry the Speck and ham cubes and mix with the softened bread, adding the onion, parsley, chives and salt to taste.

Cover with the flour and mix thoroughly until firm, but not sticky. Then with wet hands roll the mixture into 8-10 large and round balls. Once ready to be used, put 1 only carefully into boiling broth, or water, and cook for about 12 minutes… it is cooked when it rises to the surface of the pan, is shiny outside and soft inside (if it is too soft, press it into a little more flour).

When you are satisfied with the consistency, you can cook the remaining ones!

To enjoy them at their best, serve immediately.

Canederli can be made using only Speck, without the ham. In this case, fry the onion and the Speck together.