Save time and Money on the slopes with

For your days on the snow, use Alto.Ski, the solution that allows you to access the slopes directly with your Alto.Ski ski card, skipping the lines at the ticket office! It’s simple: just download the Alto.Ski app, associate it with your payment card and connect the Alto.Ski Ski card!

Save time

No queues at the ticket office, go directly to the ski lifts. Access the slopes directly with your Ski.card, skipping the queues at the ticket office!

Pay as you use only after skiing

Make payments in “Pay as you go” mode, i.e. only for the effective time of use of the ski lifts

Ski policy

Get full ski insurance with Alto Ski+ for you and your family every day when you go skiing with Alto.Ski.

How does it work

• Download the Alto.Ski app from the App Store or Google Play Store
• create your account by entering the promotional code that you can request from us after making a reservation
• Set the payment method by linking your payment card
• Activate the service by scanning the QR code on the Alto.Ski card which you can collect at reception on the day of your arrival.
• Ski! Go straight to the slopes of one of Alto.Ski’s partner ski resorts
• Stay informed. At the end of each day you will automatically be billed for the best ski resort rate, with reports updated via the app
For more information ask at the reception when you check in!!!!