Adamello Brenta Park


The noise of a boot on the ground … toc toc toc toc; the wind that blows fragrances and perfumes through the air; a Roe deer watching from afar and then running away; a snail enjoying his lunch on the cap of a mushroom; the spray coming from a waterfall dampening your face; these are just some of the countless possible experiences when you are in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park.

It is certainly wonderful to be able to open up ones senses and walk in a place that enchants, and be ready to perceive its harmony, variety and beauty. Because the sound of the torrent is not always the same; smells change with the seasons or depending on climatic conditions; even what may seem like a simple tree can open subtle feelings of joy in our chaotic life.

And if we can give you a little advice, it is not to interpret the many stimuli to which you will be sub-jected, not to give them a name, a label, or a logical or scientific interpretation; forget the usual “I like, I do not like, how lovely, how ugly”; simply abandon yourself to perception and “feel” a sense of what is around you.

The nature of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park will do the rest, touching strings that descend deeply and give you delicate and refreshing experiences. Enjoy your meeting !!