Breg Adventure Park

An adventure for young and old

The largest amusement park in the Trentino Valley of Breguzzo

For those who do not know it, we present it to you: it is the largest adventure park in Trentino. It’s called Breg Adventure Park and your kids will be thrilled to be able to fly in the air with prams and cable cars.

If you want to spend a different afternoon than usual, this park is what it is for you.

Fully immersed in nature you will experience the thrill of crossing suspended in the air between trees and Tibetan bridges and rope walkways.

A large lawn with picnic spaces will welcome you for lunch. It is truly an adventure for the whole family since the 130 activities in 10 routes are of different difficulty and are therefore suitable for children and adults.

Last but not least, this is the safest factor: this park was one of the first to adopt a double-hook system that ensures a permanent safety.

For our smaller guests we offer a free ticket to the entrance to the great adventure park.

You will be thrilled with emotions and fun.