The didactic farms

Didactic farm that passion!

Children have an unusual passion for animals. It seems that only talk about it in their fantasies that makes them happy. City life has a little to lose the chance of contact with any kind of animal. To recover this rural dimension and mountain life, one of the most genuine ways is to visit a didactic farm.
Here, children will be able to carry out activities that are otherwise unlikely to be practiced in an urban center: they can experience the emotion of milking a cow, or just having fun feeding a calf and feeling the rough tongue.
At the Didactic Farm, the Queen also has the children to ride a horse-drawn carriage ride along a beautiful mountain road with glimpses of the majestic dolomites. They will also be able to ride a small pony and experience the excitement of becoming a mountain rider looking for the treasure of the goblins.
With the whole family you can take a guided tour of the farm with tasting of typical products. You can also assist with cheese processing with the chance to taste the fresh product.
Do not miss this opportunity to know a simple world and in direct contact with Nature.