The DoloMeet Card and the Trentino Guest Card: for active holidays with plenty of promotions in Madonna di Campiglio.

With the DoloMeet Card you can make use of many of the territories’ services either with a discount or free.

With the Trentino Guest Card (free) entrance to museums and the use of public transport throughout Trentino is always free!

Useful information for the DoloMeetCard:

  • valid from 17th June until 17th September;
  • has a validity of 3 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 consecutive days;
  • can be issued to guests who show a valid Trentino Guest Card that has been received from their accommodation facility;
  • is free for children from 0 to 12 years of age (born after 1.10.2007) accompanied by a paying adult;
  • is discounted by 50% for children from 0 to 12 years of age (born after 1.10.2007) who are not accompanied;
  • is discounted by 30% for children from 12-16 years of age (born after 1.10.2003);
  • it includes services and activities in the Val Rendena.
    For further information: http://www.campigliodolomiti.it/lang/IT/pagine/dettaglio/vivi_l_estate,25/dolomeetcard_e_guest_card,784.html

Useful information for the Trentino Guest Card:

  • it is always free for hotel guests;
  • it has a validity of between 1 and 20 days;
  • it is a group card;
  • it allows a discount towards the purchase of the DoloMeet Card;
  • it includes free entrance to provincial museums and the free use of Trentino Trasporti public tran sport.

For further information:
http://www.campigliodolomiti.it/lang/IT/pagine/dettaglio/vivi_l_estate,25/dolomeetcard_e_guest_card, 784.html


The guest, on presentation of the Trentino Guest Card (received from the accommodation facility) at the local tourist office (APT), will be entitled to a discount of approximately 40% on the DoloMeet Card.

Payment for the DoloMeet Card must be made directly to the tourist office (APT) by the guest. Discounted prices (subject to annual/seasonal variations):


  • Card 3 days € 36,00 each
  • Card 6 days € 55,00 each.
  • Card 7 days € 64,00 each.
  • Card 8 days € 73,00 each.
  • Card 9 days € 80,00 each.


  • Card 3 days € 32,00 each.
  • Card 6 days € 50,00 each.
  • Card 7 days € 58,00 each.
  • Card 8 days € 66,00 each.
  • Card 9 days € 72,00 each.